Glenn Moon Scholarship

Are you interested in a career in education? For the 44th consecutive year we are offering financial help to qualified high school seniors who are pursuing a teaching degree. Any Connecticut resident who will be a 2023 graduate of a secondary school in Connecticut is eligible to apply, provided he/she is committed to entering the field of education. Interested? 

Past winners


 · Abbe Radigan – 4-year renewable scholarship of $2000 per year. Graduated from Immaculate High School, Danbury.

· Jedric Sutula -- $2000 scholarship. Graduated from Bristol Eastern High School, Bristol.

· Kaley Laird--$2000 scholarship. Graduated from Bristol Central High School, Bristol

· Phoebe Opdahl--$2000 scholarship. Graduated from New Fairfield High School, New Fairfield.


· Ashley Ho -- 4 year renewable scholarship of $2000 per year. Graduating from Hall High School, West Hartford.  

· Stefanie Szawerda -- $2,000 scholarship. Graduating from Maloney High School, Meriden.

· Marissa Perachi -- $2,000 scholarship. Graduating from Shepaug Valley High School, Washington. 


 · Alexandra Podgorska -- 4-year renewable scholarship of $2000 per year. Graduating from Rocky Hill High School 

· Marissa Walsh -- 1-year scholarship of $1500. Graduating from Norwalk High School


· Claire Demers -- 4-year renewable scholarship of $2000 per year. Graduating from Nonnewaug High School.


· Sara Tomis -- 4-year renewable scholarship of $2000 per year. Graduating from Ledyard High School.

· Julianna Chetcuti -- 1-year scholarship of $1500. Graduating from Henry Abbott High School in Danbury.

· Ashlynn Jefferson --1-year scholarship of $1500. Graduating from Bristol East High School.


· Edona Bytyqi -- 4-year renewable scholarship of $2000 per year. Graduating from Wolcott High School attending UConn.

· Cindy Fan -- 1-year scholarship of $1500. Graduating from Fitch High School in Groton

· Rachel Marie Ulitsch -- 1-year scholarship of $1500. Graduating from Stafford High School.

Evaluations will be based on the following:

· Academic record

· Character and Personality including community service

· Interests and Educational Activities

· Financial Need will be determined by the Student Aid Report (SAR).


· A four-year scholarship of $2,000 a year. The four-year scholarship winner must maintain college grades in the upper bracket and must continue teacher preparation training for all 4 years.

· A one-year scholarship of $2000 for freshman year.


Students MUST use the 2024 online application. (Each year there are changes to the application form; therefore, application forms from previous years will not be accepted.) Open the application, complete all parts of the application, save in pdf format to a folder; name the folder your last name, first initial. Gather the other attachments, save those to the folder which is titled your last name.  The folder should be emailed as an attachment to the contact person no later than March 31, 2024.

2024 application coming in January 2024


If there are questions or additional information is needed, please check our web site If more help is needed, email  Be sure to include your (the student’s) name, town and school as well as your question(s). Please include your phone number, in case we think it is best to talk with you.

List of Winners Available mid-May, 2024

Do you want to help the GLENN MOON FUND in their goal of assisting future teachers?

Most of the funding for this scholarship comes from donations by generous ARTC members and other who support future educators. All contributions will help us continue to help future educators fulfill their dream. Some donations are made to honor or in memory of educators or others who supported future teachers. If you would like to contribute, please write a check to Glenn Moon Scholarship Fund, Inc. Include a note with the name of the honoree and their town. Mail the check to our Treasurer,



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