Legislative Update


ARTC’s March 1, 2023 Meet & Greet see our brochure, fact sheet and proposed bill.

 "The attached document is from the office of the CT Legislative office of Research. CT Retired Teachers will have a choice of income tax exemption when filing their State Income Tax in 2022. Choices will be the Retired Teacher 50% State Income Tax Exclusion or the State’s General Income Tax and Annuity Exemption. Depending on your income it will be up to you to choose the exemption that you qualify for and the exemption that is most favorable to you. For an explanation of qualifications, please read the entire document." 

The Legislative Committee along with the support of our members and the guidance of our Lobbyists, Graff Public Solutions, accomplished nearly all our goals in the 2021 Legislative session. The Chairs and the Committee advocated for and achieved the following:

50% tax exclusion approved by the CT Legislature

• Budget reserve fund money of $904 million to be transferred by the Treasurer to the Teachers’ Retirement Fund.

• A lowering of the assumed rate of return to 6.95 on the pension as it affects our COLA. Information about the COLA on the TRB website. Cost of Living Adjustments

For the 2023 Legislative session, the Legislative Committee will be working to achieve the following goals:

                      An additional retired teacher to be appointed to the TRB

                      A reevaluation of the disproportionate costs of the new insurance plans

                      A repeal of the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)

The Legislative Committee maintains its meeting agenda via virtual Zoom meetings. The Committee Chairs, with the assistance of Executive Director, Tammy Gowash, will continue to keep members informed by emails, Facebook and Webpage. Thank you for your support.


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