Legislative Update



 The 2024 Legislative Session is well underway with bills having been proposed and various committees holding formal Hearings.  ARTC has proposed House Bill 5010 AN ACT CONCERNING A STATE SUBSIDY FOR RETIRED TEACHERS’ HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS. As of this writing, our proposed bill has been assigned to the Appropriations Committee and we have not been granted a Hearing which is needed for a bill to be considered for support by Legislators.

 Our Legislative Committee continues to educate Legislators about HB 5010 and why ARTC is seeking a fair and equitable one-third state subsidy toward the full cost of the Medicare Supplement Plan. The Advantage plan receives the statutory one-third state subsidy, however, the Supplement plan receives only a one-tenth state subsidy and not the statutory one-third state subsidy toward the plans’ full cost.

The Treasurer’s Office has reported that our Teachers’ Health Fund is “healthy”, thus, the fund can support this request.  You contributed to your Health Fund all your working years with the promise that it would help with the high cost of health care when you retire. You should have a fair and equitable choice of insurance plans that best fits your health needs now and as they change or increase in time.  

 ARTC also continues to advocate for a one hundred percent state tax exemption on our pensions.  Thus far, the State offers a one hundred percent tax exemption to all citizens, including retired teachers, whose pensions qualify financially. Presently, the 50% State tax exclusion remains for all retired teachers regardless of income

 ARTC advocates for fairness from the State on all retiree issues.  It is important that we all maintain communication with our Legislators, and that we are mindful of legislation that may impact our retirement. 

The Legislative Committee maintains its meeting agenda via virtual Zoom meetings. The Committee Chairs, with the assistance of Executive Director, Tammy Gowash, will continue to keep members informed by emails, Facebook and Webpage. Thank you for your support. 




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