ARTC, CEA-R and AFT-R  join forces on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, for Lobby Day!  

Lobby Day for Retired Teachers, held on April 16,2014, at the State Capitol was an
unqualified success. Over one hundred retirees were on hand to hear  presentations from our ARTC and CEA-R consultants before meeting with their
individual legislators to inform them of our concerns – funding for the health
insurance account and support for reduced taxes on our pensions.

Participants filled he Old Appropriations Room for a light lunch and to hear brief remarks from approximately thirty legislators who stopped in to express their support for our issues and to chat with constituents.

The large turnout was enhanced by the fact that our Lobby Day was jointly planned, produced and presented by all three retired teacher organizations : ARTC, CEA and AFT – a collaborative effort that sent a strong message to our elected officials in this, an election year.

I am pleased to commend and thank several ARTC members for their leadership and participation in this endeavor: Neil Foster and Pat McDonnell, Lobby Day co-chairs and Legislative Committee co-chairs Sandra Bove and Cathy D’Agostino. Extra kudos to Neil who was outstanding in his preparation and attention to detail in his first assignment as Lobby Day chair. Finally, we greatly appreciate the
guidance and coordination provided by our lobbyist Mary Phil Guinan. A job well
done by all involved.

We hope and plan to make this lobby day joint venture an annual event – when we work together good things happen.

Tom Singleton,