Virtual General Meeting

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 ARTC ‘s first Virtual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 9:30 am. The guest speaker is Henry Quinlan, a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk Law School. He began his talk with the statement “Teachers are givers- so that’s why most enjoy their retirement years”.

He went on to say that because of Coronavirus,there’s a lot of uncertainty. People are fearful with so much misinformation coming from social media, but seniors have s history of overcoming crises! They have Education, Expertises and Evidences to support this claim.   

Henry advises all to stay in touch with Zoom, YouTube, Facebook. Apparently 31.5% of seniors are now suffering from depression and more admit being lonely.  Who’s going to survive the best? Not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the person who finds it easier to change.   Henry suggested letting go of your past life and taking control of your future. After the first freedom of retirement, boredom can set in unless you become proactive. If you’ve retired at 60, you probably have 25% of your life to look forward to. Find a new friend, take a course, join a club and above all- explore your passion!

PS The audience definitely enjoyed Henry Quinlan’s speech and are looking forward to the next “ARTC Meets Virtually”.

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