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Join AARP’s Fraud Network

Every year, millions of Americans are robbed of their hard-earned money by identity theft, investment fraud, and other scams. That’s why AARP has launched the Fraud Watch Network. This is a new way for you and your members to connect with experts, law enforcement and citizens who are spotting scams and sharing their experiences to help protect against fraud and theft

Have you ever wondered who fits the profile of a scam victim? A new AARP study finds that some 34 million people could fall prey to scams, and there are 15 online behaviors and life situations that may significantly increase a person’s vulnerability to online fraud. Unfortunately, nearly one in five American adults engage in at least seven of these behaviors. Research also indicates that scam victims also have experienced a recent difficult life experience like losing a job or money.

To help combat this issue, the Fraud Watch Network is free of charge for everyone – members, non-members and even member prospects of all ages. Members of the Fraud Watch Network receive:

  • Watchdog Alerts with the latest breaking scam alerts, delivered right to your      inbox;
  • Access to a special network of people who are sharing experiences with scams;
  • Prevention tips based on thousands of hours of interviews with con artists and law enforcement; and
  • Access to resources from AARP’s network of experts.

Sign up for the Fraud Watch Network *here* to start learning how to spot a scam.



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