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DSC_1321Health Insurance Update

View video of presentation by Kathleen Holt, from the Center of Medicare Advocacy, talking with ARTC about the changes to our insurance under the new Medicare Advantage plan.

With the advent of the New Yearly deductibles are renewed for the following coverages; Anthem-MA, Stirling Benefits-MS,Express Scripts and Cigna Dental. The information was forwarded to you by the companies or the TRB. Those retired teachers and spouses with Stirling Benefits should be aware of the Cost Sharing aspect for medical claims, particularly retired teachers that are involved medically with Medicare B covered drugs. This is the first month of the MS program.

At the time of writing this article the information that we have obtained regarding participants in the programs: Anthem-MA 23,300; Stirling Benefits-MS 6700. For those retired that obtain a subsidy of $110 per month, there are about 4500. The subsidy has not been raised since 1995 however upon reaching age of 65 you can apply to the TRB to double the subsidy.

The State of Connecticut has defaulted full payment to the HIPA for eight of the past nine years, leaving a deficit of 200 million dollars.The TRB was forced to eliminate and alternate Medicare program to sustain the viability of the HIPA, thus the privatization of the Medicare and Medicare supplement.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,YOU EARNED TOUR BENEFITS,YOU PAID FOR YOUR BENEFITS with no matching funds to social security, therefore the State has formulated a situation that requires the State to accept full financial responsibility of retired teachers benefits. Their failure during past decades is monumental, consequently we are at a major crossroads for the 2020-2021 biennial budget. Speaking to retired teacher they voice the same concerns every two years. They are indignant, tired and disillusioned to enter another budge cycle with the idea of COLLECTIVE BEGGING.This is the time for us to step up and INSIST THAT THE GOVERNOR AND LEGISLATORS honor the legislation past in 2006, which retired teachers believe is a contract to contribute the entire amount of one-third into HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUM ACCOUNT.

It is imperative that retired teachers communicate this demand to the governor and their respective legislatures on a regular basis by calling, emailing, writing and most importantly personal contact with your local representatives. 

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