President’s Message

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THB_9170Spring 2018

We at ATRC continue to work hard advocating for your pension and health care benefits. As you know the State of Connecticut is in financial difficulty to say the least. This has made our job that much more difficult and as result we are seeing a postponement of our 50% tax exclusion and a change in health care provider. Now more than ever we need retired teachers to step up and get involved by contacting their representatives in Hartford, by urging others to join ARTC and by volunteering to be a member of one of our committees.

We are not a union and we do not negotiate contracts as we did when we were active teachers, however we are a huge voting bloc. If we express our concerns we will be heard as silence sends a signal that we are satisfied with

the status quo.

Yours in Service,

Ed Messina, President
Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut