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February 214

Position: English Teacher


This position is for an educator who will teach English, part-time from home, to Chinese students online via WebEx and other video conference tools.

Why join Emic View?

Emic View stands out among companies serving students in China because we are focused on truly preparing our students to come to America and to succeed.  Glenn Knight, CEO of Emic View, LLC has over 12 years of experience working with Chinese students.  Emic View’s English curriculum covers classes from Kindergarten through College.

Emic View’s customers are highly engaged families, from cities and towns across China, who are working to better their children’s lives.  We enjoy the full support of parents, focus and good energy from our students, and a feeling of partnership where everyone involved is working together to realize the student’s potential.  Emic View students, who have come to America, have enjoyed tremendous success at many of the finest Private Schools and Universities in America.

What qualifications are we looking for?

  • Teaching Certification
  • Demonstrated experience teaching in a classroom setting
  • Genuine passion for developing student’s full potential
  • Openness to people from different cultures
  • Accent free native English
  • High speed internet at home
  • No Chinese language skills are required


Emic View fully supports teachers to ensure that they and their students have a positive experience by providing the following:

  • Training in online teaching
  • Support in software installation and basic computer skills
  • Curriculum training and support before and after classes
  • Facilitating communication between parents and teachers


When a student engages Emic View, the Teacher is informed of the student’s English ability, the desired number of classes per week, and the times that the student is requesting classes.  Emic View Teachers set their own schedule by agreeing to meet with the student at mutually available times.

Note:  China is normally 13 hours ahead of America and is 12 hours ahead during daylight savings time.

What is the compensation opportunity?

Emic View offers tiered compensation based on the level of classes being taught.  Teacher salary for one hour one-to-one Premium Level classes is $15 per hour and for Master Level classes is $30 per hour.

Contact Information

Please visit for additional information about this position and/or contact Glenn R. Knight at to apply.

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