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DSC_1321Health Insurance Update

The TRB has adopted a new base medical plan (to read about the plan in detail click here) The plan is an Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage PPO plan. This replaces the Regular Medicare plan with supplemental benefits (Stirling) that now becomes an optional benefit program. To purchase the optional benefit program (Stirling) you must pay the full excess cost of the plan. This will occur during an open enrollment period during April. The Optional plan (Stirling) will cost $125 per month more than the base for each member. So a single individual will pay $1,500 per year more and two individuals will pay $3,000 more per couple per year. For the full outline of the optional Stirling benefits plan click here. Other questions: When do we enroll?When does enrollment end? Do I really get a free gym membership? Click here for answers to some of the most frequently asked question about the new plan.

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