BJ’s fundraiser

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· NEW memberships are available for $25 (Inner Circle) and $50 (Rewards memberships receive 2% back on in-store purchases!)

· Membership offer includes two membership cards

· Membership is valid for 12 months

· Plus, BJ’s will donate $5 to the Glenn Moon Scholarship Fund for each application processed.

· You will save $30 off the in-club Inner Circle membership cost OR $60 off the in-club Rewards membership cost. (And, you haven’t even gone shopping.)


· EXISTING MEMBERS may EXTEND their membership for $40 (Inner Circle) or $80 (Rewards-2% back on in-store purchases) for 13 months. With payment,

13 months will be ADDED onto the current expiration date of existing membership.

· Plus, BJ’s will donate $5 to the Glenn Moon Scholarship Fund for each application processed.

· You save $15(Inner Circle) or $30 (Rewards) and get one free month of membership

This special offer is not valid online or at any BJ’s Club location.

Download your application here

Please, mail application with payment to:

BJ’s Wholesale Club

125 Cross Road

Waterford, CT


c/o Maggie Spada

(You may also contact Maggie Spada to make other arrangements.)

Checks, money orders, and debit/credit cards are accepted.

QUESTIONS? CALL MAGGIE at 860-857-2958 (cell) 860-442-6963 (office) OR email


Some suggestions for completing the application process.

· Mail application forms to the street address listed (Do not return forms to the club)

· Include a membership number when renewing a membership

· Make checks payable to BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.

· List an email address for renewal or enrollment notification.

· Include the correct payment; credit card, debit card or check

· Membership cards are not mailed out. Bring an ID to the club once the confirmation email has been received for the card(s)

· Memberships with the auto renewal option activated on it must have the option removed before submitting renewal form. Call 1-800-BJS-CLUB (1-800-257-2582)) for assistance with removal or access your account profile on